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General advice for developing and maintaining healthy Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Eat the right diet

A balanced diet should keep all your bodily functions running properly, including the body’s ability to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. For an added boost, though, make sure to consume plenty of B-complex vitamins, especially biotin. Some dieticians claim that B vitamins can help eyelashes and the hair on your head grow.

  • In fact, some evidence suggests that a biotin deficiency is one possible cause of premature or rapid eyelash loss.
  • Biotin can be found in natural food sources, including nutritional yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, legumes, and mushrooms and is just one of the special ingredients in our serum.
  • You should also look at getting more silicon into your diet to promote better hair growth overall. Silicon can be found in asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, olives, green beans, beer, rice, and oats.
Wear eyelash primer when necessary

Many standard brands of mascara can make your eyelashes look great, yet ultimately damage them due to the harsh ingredients that they contain.  Eyelash primer should be used to protect lashes from the harsh ingredients of mascara and eyeliner.

  • Look for primers that contain pro-keratin. This nutrient can protect and strengthen each eyelash you apply it to.
Be careful about the mascara you use and how you use it

As a general rule, less is more when it comes to mascara and eyelash health. The less often you use mascara, the quicker and stronger your eyelashes will grow. When you do decide to put a little mascara on, though, there are some choices that are better than others.

  • If you have sensitive eyes, you might want to consider investing in hypoallergenic mascara to reduce irritation. When your eye becomes inflamed, you are more likely to lose lashes.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara. These formulas are very potent, and the ingredients used to get the mascara to stick to your lashes can cause damage to weak eyelashes. Instead, try a mascara with a conditioning formula that helps to protect and hydrate your lashes.
  • When you do wear mascara—or any eye makeup, for that matter—make sure to thoroughly and completely wash your face before going to bed. All of the eye makeup should be gone. Otherwise, you could cause more damage to your eyelashes.
  • Remove clumps of mascara when the mascara is still wet since doing so will be far easier at this stage. Removing dried clumps may result in the loss of an eyelash or two.
  • Discard your old mascara after three to six months to protect your eyes and eyelashes against germs that could cause painful and/or lash-damaging infections. You should also discard mascara after you suffer an eye illness, like pink eye.
  • Never share mascaras. Everyone has a different balance of bacteria around their eyes. Sharing mascaras with anyone, even someone with clean eyes, could bring new or excess bacteria to your eye, which may cause an infection
Avoid tugging your eyelashes

Most people do not intentionally yank out their eyelashes, but you might be doing just that without even realizing it. Eyelash roots are especially delicate, so they can break off without much force.

  • Tugging at your lashes with your fingers or a lash curler is a big no-no, and you should also make a conscious effort to stop rubbing your eyes.
  • When washing off any eye makeup, you should pat or dab at your eyelids instead of rubbing, scrubbing, or pulling.
  • When you use a lash curler, position it near the root of your lashes. Clamp straight down on that area, then open the lash curler straight up. Do no wiggle, pull, or otherwise move the curler.​